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Would it be you?


Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
James 1:27

What I called discernment, was my way of making my judgemental heart appropriately spiritual. I’ve spent my life in church. I learned to dress up on Sundays, how to behave appropriately, and to tithe of my allowance at an impressively young age. I could quote Scripture and sing any song in the hymn book.

We make rules on our spirituality and make ourselves feel proud to have obstained from so much. We say that we do not, but we look down on those that have stained themselves by giving in to temptation and loosing their purity. Oh, how we must grieve the heart of God!

My life has changed in this adoption journey. So many people say things like ‘oh, how wonderful of you to adopt a little boy’, but what they don’t know, is how wonderful this single act has changed me.

Friends, we have bought into the ‘american dream’. We who have grown up in church. We who can quote passages of Scripture. We who can sing any hymn in the hymn book. We who tithe and give of our offereings. We have missed what HE has said is true religion. We believe to be good parents we must provide lavishly for our children. We believe we must take them on lavish vacations and spend large amount of money on them on their birthdays. When we compare this to His Word, what is truth? God says HE will provide for our children. He says a LOT about the love of money, and in every passage, He condemns it. Why would we want to teach our children that money is so very important?

We believe that we should only have a few children because more than a couple would be more than we can handle. We have begun to think of children as burdens, and not the blessings that He has proclaimed them to be! God has a great deal to say about children, and all of it speaks of how wonderful they are! While I’m not suggesting we all jump on the Duggar train, I think we should throw out our preconcieved ideas of limiting our family size. I think we should compare our thoughts in the light of His truth, and we may find ourselves wanting.

I read a book this year that changed my life. The entire concept of the book was based on the suggestion that if we took scissors and physically cut every passage in the Bible out that talks of taking care of the orphan and poor, our Bible would be so full of holes, it could barely stay together. I read it in shock. I realized that we the church, the bride of Christ have glossed over this hugely important piece of the heart of God.

As we have started the bartimaeus project and begun our adoption, I have read their stories and wept countless tears. Mothers, some children themselves, have given birth. Teenage girls that have been abused by people that should have loved and protected them most and now they are mothers themselves. Young women looking for love in the wrong places, and another baby is born. Parents in nightmarish circumstances that loose their lives and leave a child or many children behind. Who will care for them? Oh, Friend, can I suggest, that God intended it to be YOU and I? He clearly does not desire them to be fatherless. Who will rise up? Who would ask the hard questions of themselves and find that perhaps you could handle another blessing in your life? Would it be you?



“…Nay,but I will surely buy it of thee at a price; neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing. …” II Sam. 24:24

We are mingled together, she and I. We’ve lived two separate lives, centuries upon centuries apart, but my admiration for her is very much alive.

It was costly, her sacrifice. It was the kind of item you saved your whole life. It was precious. But she saw what no one else seemed to be able to see. She saw HIM. He, the object of her affection, was far more precious than her costly sacrifice. He was worth far more than the ointment she lavished upon Him. She knew it, yet those standing around, those closest to HIM, saw a waste. Horrified at her display of affection, and even more so at her lavishing such treasure in the most inappropriate of settings. She was undaunted. They saw waste, but she saw her KING. What better object could she bring to this Man Who had redeemed even such as she? She, like David long before, knew she could not give of that which cost her nothing. And so she brought it, her most treasured, costly object a vial of ointment and poured it over her KING. She gave it all, and held nothing back.

I long to be that woman today. I look at all that He has done for me, and I too find myself asking that age old question, “How can I give of that which costs me nothing?”  There is no sens of obligation in that question, it is purely motivated out of love.  And it is here that I find myself.   Every moment, every second, I want to give to my my Savior. Others may not always understand. They may scorn, they may see a waste. I am undaunted. I see none of those things. I only see a KING.