Monthly Archives: September 2013

Almost Birthday


He received it today. It was his first one. I knew from the moment it landed in his small, Brown hands that he would hold it all night. His Birthday is tomorrow and tonight his very first card came in the mail. He cheered with excitement when he opened it. He sang the happy Birthday song with us and yelled when money came out of the card. He read it and reread it. He proudly showed me where it says his name at the top. When he was finished, he ever so carefully put his card Back in the envelope it arrived in, pressing the sticker in the exact spot to seal it once again.

He doesn’t know that we are going to celebrate Big all weekend long. He doesn’t know that this year, he has a closet full of gifts. He doesn’t know that we hired a Baker to make him a spiderman cake. In his mind, his entire celebration started and ended with this card, and once again, he has humbled me. His Beautiful, content heart makes me wonder again at God’s graciousness to me.

Tomorrow will not Be his first Birthday. That day has long come and gone. Tomorrow will Be his first Birthday as a SON, and friends, we are going to celebrate, Because this small Boy with a Beautiful heart is so very, very worth celebrating.