I stood beside her in church on Sunday. She was singing along, when she shyly reached out and held my hand. I looked down to see her stroking my hand against her cherubic cheek and staring up at me. I choked back the tears as I reached over to hug her. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was wondering if this is what it feels like to have a mommy. Still she waits for her day to be chosen.

And I wonder, would you be willing to sacrifice to make her yours? Would you be willing to live with less, so that she could call you Mommy? Would you be willing to stand beside her during her adolescence? Would you be willing to guide her to become all that a woman should be? Would you be willing to tuck her in at night? Would you be willing to cross the oceans to redeem this little life?

Two older boys are still waiting to be chosen. They are waiting for someone to say ‘You are mine’. When we asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up, they had no dreams to share. They are old enough to know that outside of being chosen, their dreams could never come true. The one thing that they want more than anything is to come to America. They all want to be adopted and come to America. They have long passed their chances to be adopted in their country. Their only hope lies with the Americans. With tears streaming down my face, I hugged them when we left and whispered in their ear, “God has a beautiful plan for your life.” Could that plan include you?

Would you teach them to dream big? Would you believe in them and support them and help them become all that God designed them to be? Would you help them through their teen years and teach them what a good man is? Would you take them to baseball games and play basketball with them outside? Would you sacrifice to redeem them?

One shy little boy who resisted all of my efforts to engage him, finally got up the courage to speak to me on our last night. He shared with me that his dearest friends have come to America, and he wants nothing more than to be adopted and go there as well. I knew he struggled with English and it took great courage to approach me and share his heart. Could you be the one he is waiting for?

Would you be willing to set aside your dreams for your future and step out so that he can have a future? Would you be willing to whisper in his ear, “Families are forever. You are mine and I am yours.” Would you be willing to put up with the language barriers and let him know that love speaks the same language. Would you risk it all to redeem him and make him yours?

A sweet little boy with a giggle and smiling eyes greeted me. His story has redemption written all over it, and he has not even been chosen yet. He is waiting for a family. Is he waiting for you?

A little girl so full of life and vitality despite some of her special needs, captured my heart in an instant. She dances across the room giggling and sweeping everyone within the perimiter into her excitement. She has a joy that is contagious. She has a story that would make you cry, and yet she refuses to have her joy squelched. She is awesome, and she is waiting. Is she waiting for you?

Would you be willing to set yourself on the back burner to pursue her? Would you be willing to jump through hoops, and fill out mountains of paperwork, and go through months of waiting to redeem her? Would you be willing to let her know that she is worth everything in the world to you?

I do not know God’s plan for your life, but I do know that He did not intend to leave these children as orphans. As I looked at all of their faces, as I spent time getting to know them, I could not help but wonder, where is the church? Where are God’s people? Why are these beautiful children still waiting? Can I encourage you to set aside your idea of what your family should be. Set aside your idea of capping your family at the perfect number of children. Set aside your inhibitions. Set aside your idea of what your future should look like, and ask the Lord if He is calling you to redeem one of these little ones.

Our agency has a beautiful list of waiting children I would be so happy to send you. I can tell you it won’t be easy, but HE knows. Redemption is never easy, but it is always worth it.


About bindmywanderingheart

I am a child of God, wife of Justin for 12 years, and mom of 4 incredible kiddos. Our daughter, Lydia has congenital glaucoma and fibrovascular downgrowth. Join us on our journey as we fight the darkness of Lydia's eyes, and of this world.

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