That kind of a Dad


“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thought of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

I was privileged and I knew then, and I know it even more now. I had THAT kind of a Dad. My Dad is the jovial sort of man that everyone likes. He has a great sense of humor, that I like to think I was privileged enough to inherit. Whatever our interests were as children, he delved into with fervor. My sister decided she wanted to try her hand at gardening. My Dad, knowing absolutely nothing of the subject, took her to Lowes, they armed themselves with books on the subject and enough seeds to cover the entire yard with edible growth.  In the end, not one single, solitary plant lived, but my dad knew the memories they made that day were worth the investment.  He is that kind of a dad.

My dad was the kind of dad that all of the high school boys would come over to watch the game with.  As much as I would like to flatter myself with thoughts that they were coming for me, the truth was, they had found a friend in my dad and knew they were always welcome at our house.  He is that kind of a dad.

The truth is, our Heavenly Father is that kind of a dad as well.

Months ago, when we first saw Cedie’s picture on the special home finding list, I was so very afraid.  He was already five, and would likely be six before we brought him home.  What if he had scars that would never heal?  What if he hurt my other children?  What if he has an attachment disorder?  I had all of these fears and so very many more.  I certainly knew this was not a good time for us to be adopting, and surely the Lord knew that as well.  We could have said ‘no’.  We could have chosen to put it on the back burner, and ignore it.  No one would have blamed us.  But, oh, how I see now, the blessings we  would have missed!  Because the truth is, HE is that kind of a Dad.  He had this amazing little boy set aside that was a precious, precious gift.  This little boy has changed our lives in a thousand ways, and has yet to enter our home.  HE had the best surprise set aside for us, because HE is that kind of a Dad.  He longs to bless His children.

We have been blessed to be able to skype with our new son in this interim that we are waiting to pick him up.  We are getting to know his sweet and funny personality more and more each time we see him.  He has prayed with us, shared his memory verses, and we have seen glimpses of his beautiful heart.  His excitement over having a family has broken me.  He has asked to sleep with our pictures, and he carries the book that we gave him, everywhere.  He calls us Mommy and Daddy in his beautiful accent, and tells us he loves us.  All of these things have been wonderful, but the most moving was when his caregiver shared this with us, “He said, Cedie, would like for you to know that he has waited his whole life to have a Daddy.  He is so very, very excited to have a Daddy.  He would like to request to be the one to take his Daddy’s shoes off everyday when he comes home from work.  He would be honored to have that job.”

God had such a blessing waiting for me, a blessing I hardly deserve.  I get to be his mommy and shepherd his heart.  I am overwhelmed at my Father’s goodness to me.

Friend, if you are reading this, and you have felt a desire to adopt, please lay aside your fears, and rest assured, that HE is that kind of a Dad.  He is longing to bless you.  Would you step out and begin your journey?


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