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“…Nay,but I will surely buy it of thee at a price; neither will I offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing. …” II Sam. 24:24

We are mingled together, she and I. We’ve lived two separate lives, centuries upon centuries apart, but my admiration for her is very much alive.

It was costly, her sacrifice. It was the kind of item you saved your whole life. It was precious. But she saw what no one else seemed to be able to see. She saw HIM. He, the object of her affection, was far more precious than her costly sacrifice. He was worth far more than the ointment she lavished upon Him. She knew it, yet those standing around, those closest to HIM, saw a waste. Horrified at her display of affection, and even more so at her lavishing such treasure in the most inappropriate of settings. She was undaunted. They saw waste, but she saw her KING. What better object could she bring to this Man Who had redeemed even such as she? She, like David long before, knew she could not give of that which cost her nothing. And so she brought it, her most treasured, costly object a vial of ointment and poured it over her KING. She gave it all, and held nothing back.

I long to be that woman today. I look at all that He has done for me, and I too find myself asking that age old question, “How can I give of that which costs me nothing?”  There is no sens of obligation in that question, it is purely motivated out of love.  And it is here that I find myself.   Every moment, every second, I want to give to my my Savior. Others may not always understand. They may scorn, they may see a waste. I am undaunted. I see none of those things. I only see a KING.