One child


“And of some have compassion, making a difference”  Jude 22

I stare at the picture I have been sent, his one eye stares back at me.  I agree to the sender that I will pray for this little one, whose 2nd birthday is still a good ways off.  What I did not realize is how this nameless child would haunt me.  The part of his story that I hold is small, but it has shattered my heart.  He was given up by his mother because of his condition.  She was overwhelmed.  She was afraid.  Fear is a tormentor to the worst degree.  It must have broken her heart in ways I cannot imagine, and now a child goes to bed each night without a mother’s love, robbed of the affection of the person that should matter the most at this current phase of his babyhood.  Fear robs us of beauty.

I wonder who tucks him in at night.  Do his caregivers have time to love him?  Does someone hold him in their arms and comfort him when he cries?  When he is hungry for more, is he given extra?  Does someone read him stories?  Does he know how special he is?

I know his condition.  I have met children in the waiting room with Lydia with the same thing.  Without any medical knowledge of my own, from what I can understand, it is far easier to treat than even glaucoma.  Oh, if that sweet woman would only have known!  If that baby could have stayed with her…  If brokeness could have been spared.  If…

And so, each day I open his picture.  I pray HIS Words over this child that is half a world away.  I stare into the nameless face, and I pray to the One that has every hair on his head numbered.  I pray to the One that neither slumbers nor sleeps, I pray that He will write His Name on his heart.  He is a Father to the Fatherless, and I pray He would watch over this little one for always.

There are so many others whose pictures I do not hold, but I know they exist.  They are the ones the Bartimeaus Project has been formed for.  I pray for them as well.  They are lonely.  They have suffered loss.  I pray that God would show us how to help them, how to show them Him.  Show us how to introduce them to the One that longs to be their Father.  That He would give us His heart, and show us how to make a difference.  Because, there are no orphans of God.


About bindmywanderingheart

I am a child of God, wife of Justin for 12 years, and mom of 4 incredible kiddos. Our daughter, Lydia has congenital glaucoma and fibrovascular downgrowth. Join us on our journey as we fight the darkness of Lydia's eyes, and of this world.

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  1. Emily, as always, your post is so well written. Praise the Lord for the avenue He has given you that allows you to be a ministry to so many others. I can’t wait to see what God does in and through you!

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