(that ye) “May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth and length, and height;  And to KNOW the love of Christ.” Eph. 3:18-19

One of my favorite books to read to the kids is Tales of the Kingdom.  It’s an amazing book. and one of the games the characters play is ‘King sightings’, they laugh and giggle and shout and cheer when they see glimpses of the King.  It is a game my children and I have recently adopted ourselves.  When we see one another meeting a need, showing kindness when it was undeserved, or sharing a treasured item, we whisper, “I saw Jesus in you!”  It is a King sighting.  It is less of us, and more of Him. 

I have seen the King so many times these last few years.  The day when Justin had just gotten home from the hospital, and I bought groceries.  We had less in the account than I realized, and I didn’t have enough to buy his medicine.  I came home in tears and checked the mail to find a card and a check.  A dear, widow with eight children and a very modest lifestyle, lavished us with His love.  I saw Jesus that day.

The day we were in the hospital and our sweet Pastor gave me money to make sure I could eat during our stay.  When I thanked him he replied, “Oh, don’t thank me, it wasn’t my money!  Thank God.”  I saw the King.

When I had Lydia and the sweet, working mother brought me dinner and stayed to scrub my floors and play with my boys.  I saw King.

When our sweet friends, that I hadn’t seen in years, sent a card to let us know they were aching for us and praying for Lydia, I saw the King.

A simple cleaning lady in a hospital stopped to tell me that my baby was a beautiful gift from God, no matter how she came, and went over verses reminding me of God’s promises to me.  I saw the King that day. 

Friends who are far from wealthy, but were more concerned about showing us Him than anything else, gave us one of their vehicles.  In our dark moments, they showed us the King’s light.

Many, many more stories of King sightings are coming to mind, and I like Moses, must cover my face.  His glory is too bright for me, His beauty too much for these eyes.  It compels me to my knees, and on my face, I lift my hands to this King.  The King Who has lavished me with His love, treated my eyes with His beauty.  How can I with hold any area of my heart from a King that would love me with such abandon?  

  Those who seek the King, are not hard to find.  You’ve only to behold them, and you will see His beauty radiating.


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